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ConsumablePart NumberDescription
ChiselChipping Hammers196.2113Kit supplied with the Challenger Needle Scaler fitted with 3mm needles together with a chisel holder, an anvil and a 3/4'' blade chisel to enable the tool to be converted to the chisel scaler model
ChiselChisel704.3101Vibro-Lo™ Chisel 1/2'' Square x 3/4''
ChiselChisel704.3103Wide flat chisel for the removal of peeling paint and rust, Vibro-Lo™
ChiselChisel704.1106Mortar removal for re-pointing brickwork.
ChiselChisel704.3107Flat chisel for weld spatter and sand cast cleaning, Vibro-Lo™
ChiselChisel704.3110Spark resistant Aluminium Bronze for use in hazardous areas, Vibro-Lo™Chisel
ChiselChisel704.1112Concrete chipping.
ChiselChisel704.3205Weld flux and thick coating removal, Vibro-Lo™
ChiselNeedles - Chisel Tip413.21126 sets x 12 3mm - These needles will clean the same materials as a pointed tip, but will leave a light surface marking.
ChiselNeedles - Flat Tip412.11296 sets x 12 3mm - The flat tips needles will reduce marking on metal surfaces and can actually give a polishing effect. For use on thin gauge metals and any surface where a light treatment is required. 2mm needle used on a welded joint produces a similar effect to shot peening, reducing stress in the weld.
ChiselNeedles - Pointed Tip413.31126 sets x 12 3mm - Sharpened to a conical point, these are the most effective in breaking through very hard scale on materials where some surface indentation is permissible - or where roughening or keying the surface is actually desirable.
ChiselNeedles - Spark Resistant403.131212 x 3mm - Available in 3mm flat tip only for use in hazardous areas.Chisel
ChiselNeedles - Stainless Steel453.1207100 x 3mm - Available in 3mm flat tip only, to be used in applications such as refurbishment of food processing areas of high humidity where the corrosive effect on needles would be prohibitive. Used on decorative concrete surfaces where contamination of the surface from carbon steel is undesirable